Invitation AGGN User Community – ArcGIS in MSc-education – April 26, Delft

The curriculum of almost all geo-oriented MSc programmes in the Netherlands (Geomatics, GIMA, Geo-Information Sciences, etc.) offer one or more GIS-related courses to educate the students the concepts of GIS, to train their GIS-skills, and to let them gain insight in the use of GIS for all kinds of applications, science and technology.

Students use a variety of GIS-tools during their internship and final-thesis. In theory and practice, they are confronted with all kinds of GIS-packages, like the ArcGIS suite (ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro), but also other (open-source) GIS-packages.

The choice which GIS-package to use within a certain course is made by their teachers, the faculty, and the internship and thesis host (municipalities, provinces, ministries, companies, etc.). Each of these organisations will have a valid reason to use the one, to avoid the other, or to let the choice to the student.

To discuss this trade-off between ArcGIS at the one hand, and other GIS-packages like QGIS at the other, a user-community-meeting is organised by the Dutch ArcGIS User Group AGGN (ArcGIS Gebruikersgroep Nederland) in association with the TU Delft MSc Geomatics Study Association GEOS.

Time and location:
Thursday April 26, 15.00-17.00 at Delft University of Technology, Faculty Architecture and the Built Environment, Julianalaan 134, Delft. Room: Zaal R.

During this interactive meeting several stakeholders will provide some food for thought to start the discussion.

1. Vision: use of ArcGIS from the education perspective;
2. Demo: Some state-of-the-art examples use of ArcGIS in graduation thesis work;
3. Across the grain: some insight in other (open source) alternatives.

The list with presenters will follow soon, but if you would like to have your voice heard then contact the organisers.

The afternoon will concluded with some drinks at the famous Bouwpub.


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